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Monday, March 31, 2008

1723 Kalakaua

"Dynamic. Stylish.Chic. 1723 Kalakaua." I would say, "Lean. Simple. Metro". Image of Bamboo, riverstone and seagrass... Designer Shari Saiki's Asian-Pacifica feel is well represented in the model room I visited last weekend.


This new project has just released March 23, and 17-story new construction is set to begin when 75% pre-sale is achieved, and once it break the ground, it has completion goal in early 2010, rather shorter and faster timeline, thanks to the size of the project.

In spite of small space (407 sq ft Studio ~ 703 sq ft 2bed), this is not the same category as vacation rental or condotel. It has full kitchen function with aestetic open layout, normally only afford to luxury condo. As any new condo, you would need to de-clutter, live zen-like simplicity, make the most of available space for comfortable metro living. I thought of HGTV "Small Space, Big Style", Honolulu metro version.

I would like the idea to have a small pad in town, intention to keep it minimal. Taking the different approach to the mid-priced ($300's~$500's) buyers, it chose the window a/c over central a/c, attempt to contain the maintenance fee.

I would love to see how local residents will take advantage of... For those young college sons/daughters to start out, or emply-nesters picking up oriental foods at Palama Market and Don Quijote... or walk to Nordstrom for another pair of shoes?

For more information about 1723 Kapiolani :

Friday, March 14, 2008

Future Kaka'ako

Since General Growth Properties (GGP) unveiled the long-term vision of Ward Neighborhood in February, their community outreach effort is demonstrated by the new website:
and community open house held March 11, sharing visuals and welcoming comments from public. I had a chance to hear their vision at CCIM meeting today.

It is still early stage, and we will see this transformation gradually, expected next 20 years of "smart growth". Hope I will be able to witness when I happily retired and fondly remember where Ward Farmer's Market and Marukai used to be.

Initial phase is the development of "Central Plaza" as a magnet for community and commerce.
This place will be used for special events, community gathering, pedestrian experience...
Later, there will be 3 Plaza (Ewa, Central, Diamond Head), 3 corridors for enhanced mountains and the sea. Public space, commercial and residential all blend in, creating the lifestyle of live-work-play for many Kaka'ako residents will be happy to embrace.

(Photo has nothing to do with this topic. I had many of my friends and family's birthday in March, and was checking with Satura Cake's website ...Isn't this cute?! Happy Easter!)